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I have been and probably always will be a landscape painter. I don't think there is ever a time when I am not noticing the landscape. Whether going to work, or to the store, or biking along the Erie Canal, I am always looking at the land, the sky and the water.

In Upstate New York, we are so fortunate to have such amazingly beautiful places like the Adirondack Mountains, the Thousand Islands and the Finger Lakes Region. I am always drawn to water and love to paint the ripples and reflections found on it.

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I have always loved the beautiful old architecture of Downtown Syracuse.

There are so many unique buildings and styles; each a work of art.

My favorite is the Gridley Building with its' elegant arching windows and canopy over the entrance.

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Flowers, Still Life and Miscellaneous
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These pieces were inspired by my Irish mom and my daughter Katie, who studied Irish Dance for several years. Those times Katie and I spent traveling to Feis, to Oireachtas, to National Championship are among my favorite memories. We had lots of laughs, a few tears and met so many great people along the way. And the greatest music and dancing ever!
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